2021 – the year of the podcast?

For most years, at the start of the year (usually January), I have a big drive to get my web presence organised, and start updating my site more regularly. The flurry of activity tends to fall away completely once I get back into the rhythm of teaching – and when I put things into context for myself, for much of the year I’m actually producing a lot of content for my units, and writing over 40,000 words of feedback on various pieces of work from students at different levels in their studies. On top of that, I contribute fairly extensively to discussion forums within courses and elsewhere. All-in-all, I’m probably preparing a lot more content than I realise, and it leaves me a bit drained of creative energy for my own projects.

So this year, it’s the year of podcasts and graphical abstracts as part of my teaching, and as part of my own learning. Hopefully it will also be the year of including data visualisation within my web-site. If I can get those things going, the year will be an online success, and “Watch this space” will be a bit more interesting than watching grass grow …

And note-to-self: my category of Reading and Viewing will need to become a category of “Consuming and Reflecting” to reflect on what I’m doing when I’m reading, listening and viewing.

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