Conversation with Dan John Part 2

Episode Notes

In this episode, Dan and I chat about goals, being elite, assessments, work capacity, shark habits and pirate maps. The audio quality is occasionally a bit compromised, and you can hear the birds at my campsite by the Murray River in the background when I’m talking.

Episode Timeline

TimeSpecific content markers
00:00.0Goals and being elite
10:06.8Lisa and Dan on Leadership
11:33.7Being elite, plateaus and progress
16:19.0Parents pushing kids into sport
17:48.4Good athletes with issues at home
30:02.6Dan’s 1,2,3,4 Assessments
40:34.1Venn Diagram of 1,2,3,4 assessments
41:42.6Women and strength training
43:32.3Work capacity in strength
45:49.7Work capacity for students
48:32.1Lisa and Dan on front loading content
51:20.8Dhark habits and pirate maps

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