Conversation with Dan John Part 1

Episode notes

In this episode, Dan and I chat about his career as an athlete and a strength coach, and what insights this gives him about coaching and training. In the next episode, we will focus specifically on goals, motivation, feedback and evaluation and performance

Episode timeline

TimeSpecific content markers
4:39Dan talks about the US college sport system
6:55 – 12:306:55 – 12:30 Dan talks about culture in sport
12:52Dan talks about highland games as a form of deliberate play in how to train for his main event of discus training
16:40Dan talks about being the first full time strength coach – to some extent in response to the overnight influence of Arnold Schwartzenegger and Jane Fonda on how exercise was perceived
19:07Dan talks about stenosymbols and strength training
22:29 – 25:07We chat here about Lockdown, visiting Melbourne, Percy Cerutty, the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, before getting back to Dan’s career
27:11Dan talks about compressing work, cueing and coaching
36:261. Embracing the obvious
37:392. Taking care of asymmetrical risks
40:173. Respect the process
41:17Keys to academic success: Respect the proces: show up, do your work, get things in on time, don’t flit away opportunities; or Show up, Don’t quit, Ask questions
46:53Dan chats a little bit about how to talk with elite athletes

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