About me

When I first started my blog at WiseWordPress, I described myself as a cognitive scientist, psychologist, and online learning specialist with an interest in taekwondo, web stuff, cycling, indoor soccer and sundry other things. I described my blog home as “pretty messy and disorganised, a bit like my real home“.

In this new iteration of my blog, I now describe myself as a cognitive scientist and human factors specialist (“psychologist” being a term reserved for people registered with the Psychology Registration Board, which I no longer am). My academic interests are in digital technologies and training, but with an underlying passion for understanding knowledge representation and information architecture in individuals, societies, and technology. My extra-curricular activities are still oriented towards taekwondo and cycling, and while I finished my indoor soccer career after 10 years, I have taken up (intermittently) boxing and weight training, and my interest in web stuff is really more like an interest in web-tools to support writing and data analysis. Both my web presence and my real life home remain pretty messy and disorganised, but my new “Beast” (Isuzu D-Max with rooftop tent) is the height of organisation.

This new iteration web home will also be home to my collection of thought pieces or things I want to write about irrespective of who wants to read them or publish them – my own “The Conversation” without the need for editorial overview. It might also house or link to work of my academic colleagues and research students – from my point of view, it is important to share work informally as well as formally.