How to keep exercising and training at home

As you probably already know if you know me, apart from my university life, I like to train in martial arts. In particular, I have been training and instructing ITF taekwondo at the United Schools of Martial Arts for more than 15 years, and more recently I have added some (very intermittent) cross training in boxing at Murphy’s Boxing Gym

I’m now trying to put together some stuff on Moodle to allow specific face-to-face classes, i.e., classes with the instructors and people you already know and work with, to continue online into the future.

Update to this post in 2021 – as it turned out, I did not get very far trying to help out my taekwondo and boxing schools. Why not? Setting up independent websites for production quality presentation is no longer a cottage industry that can be managed on-the-side while running a full time job, especially during a pandemic, when you can’t walk through ideas and concepts with people. Big tech was much quicker to respond and update services so that everybody could use Zoom, Skype and Instagram Live to stay in touch with clients. As each product got better, the others had to boost themselves to keep people in their ecosystems.

But in the mean time, there are already some great training options already available online for general fitness and conditioning. Here are two (two people, four sites) of my favourites:

Why Moodle, and not just YouTube channels and Skype? Because it allows for interaction and classes for your own specific clients as an interactive process rather than consumption of media.

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