Curiosity as defence against depression

I was listening to a podcast from Conversations of Richard Fidler talking with Bill Bailey – and they discussed (among other things) the idea of curiosity as something that protects against depression. Something about curiosity draws you out of yourself, and also allows attention on exploring the possibilities of the environment. They also chatted about the idea of having specific interests, in Bill Bailey’s case birdwatching, where the activity is ostensibly what takes you outside, and what structures the way in which you explore the environment – making it task-focused rather than being so broad as to be overwhelming. The activity also creates a timetable and a social environment for activating curiosity, thereby allowing for regular “doses” of engaging in curiosity …

Here are two Bill Bailey episodes on YouTube, one serious, and one very very funny

The serious one, about bird watching and species going away
The funny one, about the Stephen Hawkings’ History of Time

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